How does Budget Billing work?

If your electric usage varies widely from month to month or from season to season, Budget Billing allows you to spread your ComEd electric service costs evenly throughout the year.

For details on how Budget Billing works, refer to the following information:

  • You pay a pre-arranged amount each month based on your energy use during the prior 12-month budget cycle.
  • Your monthly Budget Bill payment will be adjusted every six months to keep the payment in line with your actual energy usage to avoid a large balance due or credit at the end of the year. The difference will roll over onto the account and be included as part of your adjusted budget bill amount.
  • Your budget plan will begin with your next bill.
  • You will automatically be removed from the Budget Billing program if you have two consecutive late payments or have three late payments within 12 months.

In order to go on the budget plan, your account must be paid up to date. Continued participation requires that payments be made on or before the due date each month.

For information about setting up automatic payments, go to How do I sign up for Budget Billing?

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