Making a Payment

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For information about payment options, refer to the following:

  • Automatic Payment: Have your payment automatically deducted from your bank account each month. No checks, no stamps, and no worries with this free billing service.

For information about setting up automatic payments, go to How do I set up Automatic Payments?

  • Expedited Credit/Debit Card Payment: Designed for last-minute payments online or by phone, you can use a credit card, ATM card, or debit card.

For information about making a convenience payment, go to How do I make a Expedited Credit/Debit Card Payment?

  • Schedule an E-Check: Pay your bill online through your bank account for free.

For information about scheduling an E-Check, go to Making an E-Check Payment.

  • Pay By Mail: Make checks payable to ComEd and allow one week for delivery.

For more information about making your payment by mail, go to How do I make a payment by mail?

  • Payment Center: Pay your bill in person. There are more than 200 ComEd Authorized Agents located throughout Northern Illinois. To find one close to you, click here.

If after reviewing the payment options, you would like further assistance, go to Contact Us. is still available for eBill and online payments for those customers who prefer to use the service.

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